The Claudettes
June 19
Waiting Room Lounge
4pm Door / 5pm Show
$17 ADV / $22 DOS

The Claudettes deliver a unique, compelling and ultimately satisfying blend of genres with hooks that you never saw coming and earworms galore!

"Most intriguing and most difficult to describe. I hear so many levels of what I consider amazing creativity. The Claudettes give me that same rush I get every time I hear Gruppo Sportivo! What these four have done is no small feat. If it doesn’t grab you then I don’t know what will!" - No Depression
“A skewed cabaret band of Blues, Jazz and Rockabilly. A sensibility that feels like equal parts James Dean and David Lynch.” — Minneapolis Star-Tribune

"The Claudettes'"High Times in the Dark" is an absolute gem!" - LA WEEKLY "Album of the Week"

"There aren’t too many albums that can remind you of both The Cramps and Patsy Cline." - Tom Haugen / Daily Vault

Video - "Declined"

Video - "Most Accidents Happen"

Video - "Bad Babe, Losin' Touch"

Video - "Pull Closer To Me (Live)"

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Todd_Approved publicity shot_re530.png

1% Productions
The Sunday Roadhouse

Todd Rundgren
Unpredictable Tour 2022

July 2

Bourbon Theatre
6:30pm Door / 7:30pm Show
$40 ADV/$45 DOS/$120 RES


James McMurtry
July 26
Waiting Room Lounge
6:30pm Door / 7:30pm Show
$22 ADV / $27 DOS

“There’s a definite Los Angeles vibe to this record,” McMurtry says. “The ghost of Warren Zevon seems to be stomping around among the guitar tracks. Don’t know how he got in there. He never signed on for work for hire.”

“McMurtry fuses wry, literate observations about the world with the snarl of barroom rock.” - National Public Radio

“James writes like he’s lived a lifetime” - John Mellencamp

"Has James McMurtry ever made a bad album? Or even a mediocre one?" - Americana UK

“He has that rare gift of being able to make a listener laugh out loud at one line and choke up at the next. I don’t think anybody writes better lyrics.” - Jason Isbell

“James McMurtry may be the truest, fiercest songwriter of his generation” —Stephen King

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The Iguanas
August 2
Waiting Room Lounge
6:30pm Door / 7:30pm Show
$20 ADV / $25 DOS

New Orleans' favorite sons The Iguanas envelop the diverse sounds of their hometown’s fusion of blues, Latin, Zydeco, Cajun, Tex-Mex and Roots Rock.

Through eight studio albums and countless tours and Jazz Fest appearances their nearly three-decade run has taken them all over the map musically and geographically yet the inescapable patina of New Orleans infuses every note they play.

“Like the Meters and the Neville Brothers, The Iguanas fuse those many styles into a rock and roll funk.”– The Houston Press

"It’s a pleasure to hear the band’s original garage-Latin sound." - OffBeat Magazine

Join us for the party that will be The Iguana's first Sunday Roadhouse appearance. Hope to see you there!

Song -
"Para Donde Vas"

Song - "Boom Boom Boom"

Song - "Nuevo Boogaloo"

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Amy LaVere and Will Sexton
August 14
Reverb Lounge
4pm Door / 5pm Show
$17 ADV / $22 DOS

Amy LaVere is well known among songwriters and critics alike.

British reviewer Danny Neill thinks that Amy's 2020 record "features a handful of new songs that will be regarded as the best of her career".

"Once again, she's delivered a record that is more than just a selection of songs, it’s a work of art in its own right. 'Painting Blue’ is a piece of audio medicine for the difficult times we are living in." - Folk Radio UK

Texas guitar legend Will Sexton played as a teenager with greats like Doug Sahm, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Roky Erickson, Joe Ely and Johnny Thunders.

On Will's 2020 record "Don’t Walk the Darkness" he's backed by New Orleans veterans The Iguanas and it includes an older track “Don’t Take It From Me” co-written with the icon Waylon Jennings in 2001 just before Jennings passed.

"There is a somewhat mysterious organic undercurrent and heartfelt ambiance that makes the songs connect with understated melancholy ease. The effect is hypnotic, sometimes dreamy and always enticing." - American Songwriter

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Sarah Borges
August 27
Reverb Lounge
7pm Door / 8pm Show
$20 ADV / $25 DOS

Sarah's built a loyal following by connecting with her audience, whether they’re longtime fans by way of her 2004 breakthrough debut “Silver City” or newcomers just now joining the party with 2022's “Together Alone”. This connection is what's kept her touring and making music for years. And what keeps us coming back to see her do it!

"Sarah Borges is an enigma wrapped in a shapeshifting cloak that transforms her from a Boston denizen to a rockin’ Southern belle." - No Depression

"Borges is a direct and fearless writer who will smack you in the face with a line with zero regrets. Her songs feel true to her personality in a way that eludes most of her peers." - Rock and Blues Muse

"She's cool, she's strong and she's good-lookin." - Mojo Nixon

As Sarah continues to evolve so does her band. In the wake of the last "Outlaw Country Cruise" it now includes famed guitarist/producer Eric “Roscoe” Ambel and Bottle Rockets bassist Keith Voegele!

Video - "Lucky Day"

Video - "Wasting My Time"

Tickets (Will Call - includes $3/order processing)