Chuck Prophet
and The Mission Express

Reverb Lounge
4pm Door / 5pm Show
$17 ADV / $20 DOS

Special Guest - Matt Jaffe

Chuck's latest ”The Land That Time Forgot" was accompanied by the release of his official biography “What Makes the Monkey Dance: The Life And Music Of Chuck Prophet And Green On Red” written by Stevie Simkin.

His live shows are legend. If you've ever attended one you know that it isn't just another gig. It's a rock concert!

"He is always engaging, delivering between-song and in-song banter, telling stories, pointing to people in the crowd, encouraging singalongs and always, always using his eyes and smile to provoke audience members to take their place in his songs for a few minutes." - The Star Tribune

"Chuck Prophet is a big time rock and roll star in a country that has forgotten that it needs big time rock and roll stars." - PopMatters

Video - Marathon

Video - You Did

Video - S.F. (for Southwest Airlines)

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Ray Bonneville
December 5
Reverb Lounge
4pm Door / 5pm Show
$15 ADV / $20 DOS

"Ray Bonneville creates an instant narrative as if the stories are unfolding before your eyes as he sings in a nicotine tone. The groove is laid back, contributing to the sinister elements in his songs that scratch and claw at the casket's lid. Musically, it's more than the blues, somewhere between roots and lyrical oblivion. It'll get to you. Trust me, you'll hang on to every word as Bonneville resurrects ghosts, like Tom Waits without the carnival." - Frank De Blase / City Newspaper (Rochester, NY)

“Like gunpowder and opium.” - Ray Wylie Hubbard

This visit will include Richie Hawkins accompanying Ray on keyboards, accordion and vocals. His notes swirl, dart and dance adding an ethereal dimension to Ray's bass-and-scratch groove.

Video - "Waiting On The Night"


Tickets (includes $2/order processing